Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Superior Weapon

My collaborator sent me a link to a video I found interesting. In my mind, it's staged -- these days, who can tell for sure? -- but the moral of the story is valid either way. You can watch it for yourself, here. It runs on a little long, but there's a nice payoff.

For those of you who don't want to bother, here's the gist: A couple of rednecks in a pick-up truck get behind a guy and his girl in a BMW convertible. They have a camera going, and do a running commentary on assholes who own BMW's. (That's redundant, right? "Asshole in a BMW?")

Um. Anyway, obviously bored and with nothing to do, the dimwits follow the guy, tailgating him, and the guy speeds up and tries to get away. The chase goes on, they pull up at a stop, words are exchanged, the anglo-saxonisms get bandied about. The BMW driver takes off. Gets out of the city onto a country road, one that the truck guys know is a dead-end.

They get to the cul-de-sac, and the truck guys are pissed. They stop. Get out. The driver has a baseball bat in the back of the truck under a tarp. He collects it, and it looks as if the BMW or the driver or both are in for a pounding ...

Then the BWM guy comes up with a handgun. He gets his girl to collect the camera and the truck keys, says he'll leave the keys at the end of the road, but that he is keeping the camera.
The video concludes with a greeting to the two yahoos about enjoying his new camera ...

As I said, it's surely staged -- too many little things don't quite ring true. Supposedly they are Texans, but they say "eh?" at the end of every other sentence. And it's a bit too pat. It's the kind of thing you'd like to believe, but like a lot of urban legends, it clunks hollow.

But the moral is clear: When you don't know who you might be dealing with, a stupid move might be fatal ...

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steve-vh said...

I have an old friend who used to do these sorts of things to jerks in his younger days all the time.

Poke a hole in their oil filter and get them to follow him at speed down country roads, put limburger on their intake manifold,ect. Oh, yeah and he ALWAYS carried anyway.
He had another buddy who carried mercury filled driving gloves. There's cunning rednecks too.

"They're out there" as they say in the horror movies.