Monday, July 24, 2006

Don't Forget to Work Out ...

Still plugging away at the book deadline. It's going well, but it has taken center stage, and everything else I normally do is falling behind.

Generally, I manage a fair amount of exercise in a given week: Silat djurus every day, plus a silat class on Thursdays; yoga class one evening, walking the dogs two or three trips a day, and now and then, a trip to the weight room for some resistance work. When work takes over, however, these things get short shrift, and it doesn't take long before I miss them.

For me, exercise pays off in all kinds of ways -- I feel better, healthier, and every minute into the workout account is returned with interest. If I don't do it, I quickly start to feel a drop in energy, I get grumpy, and my stamina fades. I know this, and even so, it creeps up on me, and all of a sudden, I'm become a chair-potato who gets up but once every couple of hours all day, and that because I have to go to the bathroom.

Given that it has been the hottest it's ever been around these parts in the last few days -- 108 F. on Friday, 105 on Saturday, 102 Sunday, and just under a hundred so far today, (which ties the all-time record high in this part of Oregon ever, that 108) -- that's made it that much harder to go out back and work out -- I start to sweat before I ever get to the door, and it isn't cooling off at night -- three in morning, it's still 85 out there, which is also a record -- the highest low.

Still, I gotta get back to it.
"Sound mind in a sound body." is not an either/or question for me ...

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