Wednesday, July 14, 2021


My most serious gym-rat days were the year I turned forty. Had a decent home gym, free weights, multi-station machine, rower, stair-stepper, mini-trampoline. 

Logged in every set and rep.

Came to realize that a full-body workout every other day was over-training. Twice a week was the new reality.

I had an exercise I did on the chin/pull-up bar that worked my arms and lats pretty good — drop-rep sets.

Started with ten reps, palms facing away. Dismounted, went and did some leg stuff, returned to the bar, did nine reps. Went to do some upper body push-stuff, bench presses, back, eight reps.

And so on, until the last set, one rep. Over the course of thirty minutes or so, fifty-five total.

Haven’t done that in a while.

Lot of records in the pull-up, chin-up world. For instance, over a twenty-four-hour period, we are talking about 7600 reps. 

The record for the most pull-ups without dismounting from the bar is held by Jan KareŇ° (Czech Republic) who did 238 pull-ups in 34 minutes on 18 November 2017 in  Hergetova Cihelna, Czech Republic. Wide grip, bouncy, but still.

He was allowed to “rest” by hanging by one arm from time to time …

Female record for pull-ups in one minute? 

Thirty-four, held by a fitness model/trainer Rupa Kshatriya Hulet. Yeah, her form is maybe not the best, a wide-grip and bouncy, but thirty-four in a minute? 

On a good day, I might gut out a set of fourteen reps total, and the last couple would be a real strain and real slow …

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