Thursday, July 15, 2021

Good Company

These days, I frequently order things online, and recently I had such a pleasant experience I want to mention it.

I found some funky vitamins I wanted to try, sold by a company in Vancouver, B.C., Vivid Wellness.

They specialize in health and beauty products, alternative medicines, CBD, cannabis, tinctures, teas, extracts, that kinda stuff.

(Legal here; in some places, maybe not, I am not encouraging you to break local laws.)

So I ordered the capsules. Time passed, they didn’t show up when they were supposed to. Make a long story short, the post office got lost on the way to my house.

Sent an email to the company, and they were on it. Tracked the package, offered to refund my money, ship a replacement, and if somehow both packages showed up? I could keep them both.

Pleasant people, and they stayed on it, reshipped the stuff, and added in a little freebie and an apologetic note, which arrived shortly thereafter.

I ordered some other things, and they remembered who I was, and thanked me for giving them another chance, even though the problem had not been their fault.

I was delighted with their actions and attitude.  Not trying to sell you any particular thing here, just pointing out that my experience with these folks was as good as it gets. 

I hope they prosper, and in this day and age, such service and attention to detail is outright refreshing, so I expect they will do well based on that alone.

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Taxburdett said...

I had a similar “good customer service” experience recently. I ordered some plastic ship miniatures from Miniature Market for the tabletop miniatures game Star Wars Armada and one of them arrived broken. They immediately shipped a replacement and left the disposal of the damaged miniature up to me.