Monday, May 10, 2010

Bristlecone, a Novel

I have officially gone over to the dark side.

Well, a little bit ...

Okay, behold the official flackery for my most recent novel, the ebook Bristlecone.

The blurb:

“Old age and treachery overcomes youth and skill every time.”

When a long-retired couple of black-bag assassins are pulled back into the game, it's only a matter of hours before there's a body in their quiet back yard.

Much against their desires, Hull and Khadra find themselves facing Milos, an old nemesis from decades past whose plans could mean the deaths of millions.

Hull and Khadra have lost a few steps; but, despite being qualified for A.A.R.P. membership, they are far more experienced and still better-suited to deal with Milos than the young operatives at the secret agency known only as The Department.

In Bristlecone, Steve Perry, New York Times Bestselling co-author of Tom Clancy's Net Force series, offers a tale of spies and assassins, old grudges, and a fast-ticking clock of looming epidemic violence ...

This is going to be available as an ebook only, unless NYC hammers down my door and starts shoveling money at me.

You can get it at Smashwords, for assorted kinds of viewing -- should be something everybody with a reader or computer can view.

Apple iBooks now has it available on for the iPad, and in theory, so will B&N for the Nook, and for the Kindle.

Bristlecone, $5.99.

Buy a copy now! Baby needs a new iPad ...


Brad said...

Just bought a copy, can't wait to read it. Won't be tonight, need sleep.

AF1 said...

Lots of silat action?

Steve Perry said...

Not all that much silat action. A few scenes, one with a knife and some fun stuff with a training dummy and a blade, but mostly it's less hand-to-hand more brain-against-brain ...

Steve Perry said...

Thanks to the hardcore fans who have already bought this sucker.

If you like it and want to help me sell more copies, consider doing a review for whichever venue at which you purchased it. I dunno how reviews help or hinder ebooks, but I'm happy to see.

If you don't like it, follow Thumper Rabbit's Daddy's Dictum ...

Scott said...

Bought it from Smashwords; so far so good.

Brad said...

How much do you get from it if I buy a hardcopy from Lulu?

Be much more convenient to carry than a laptop.

Steve Perry said...

Can't get one from Lulu, I unpublished it there. Cost is $21 and I decided it wasn't worth the effort to track it there. Electronic only this time.

Scott said...


pg 24/144: “Records show the house belongs to a Mrs. and Mrs. Johnson.

pg 32: A good memory was a major assent in this field.

pg 37: The Arabs living in Palestine had been discretely warned in advance

pg 55: The runner’s contact was a Turk who had a coffee shop in the Ortak√∂y, next to the water in the Be?ikta?, on the European side of the Bosphorus.

They sat at a table, a waiter brought them small cups of expresso.

pg 81:Wilson had failed to report in and wasn’t answering his phone, which was bad. If the Gazan was here, she could only be looking for him, and if they were this close, then they surely had Wilson, and Milos just might be in deep shit. [Walker, not Wilson, works for Milos]

Son-of-a-porne! [um?]

pg 92: “So the vegetable -- you caved in his temple and scrambled his brain, was Heiner, Bernard Louis, born Klagenfurt, Austria, 1969.

pg 105: Milos didn’t make eye contract with anybody,

pg 108: Sold a submachine gun to an undercover AFT agent.

pg 113:Reilly and the assault team were geared up for a SWAT-type incursion, wearing back banners that proclaimed AFT.

pg 118: When Darnell saw the AFT vest banners, he grinned. “Ay-tee-eff!

pg 123: “Were will we be?”

pg 126: He felt silent, stunned.

Hell of a read, Steve; just finished it. I like this ebook thing, much faster publishing cycle.

Steve Perry said...

Thanks for the edit, Scott. I might actually be able to fix those, given the medium.

bourgon said...

"And they are no patient."

"Chance were it had been."

Still think you should've cut down the "olra hulse" bit. :)

Ian SADLER said...

Now for the masses....

Kindle on PC.

Free download and program..

Being a historic post, I hope a few people get to use it and buy your e-books...