Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cleaning Frenzy in Progress

Like a shark feeding-frenzy -- cue the theme from Jaws, dah-dat, dah-dat -- a cleaning-frenzy involves a lot of thrashing about. Instead of blood in the water, there are swirls of trash -- bits of paper, cardboard boxes, broken crockery and furniture. Little things that ordinarily wouldn't get noticed suddenly appear as an impediment to life itself, and you are apt to find yourself with an old toothbrush cleaning along that crack between the stove and counter-top because you can't stand the idea of the gunk in it, even if you can't actually see it ...

What happens is that you start out slow, and then you get revved up, and you tend to haul ass in fifth gear until you run out of gas.

The Waste Management people arrived early this morning bearing the drop-box. Not huge as such bins go, a mere four yards, it is now empty.

When the cleaning frenzy is done, I expect it to be full. The only question is, how long will it take ... ?

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